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Get the Penis Milking Machine !

So where can you buy this great Penis Milking Machine ?

I've done some research ! First of all, you have to forget about a real milking machine. Unless you want to spend alot of cash, because a professional milking machine (for cows !!) is fucking costly. If a guy is some farmer, he can ususe the milking machine while his cows are ... sleeping :). Building the penis milking machine by your self would be an option, but I was afraid that i might end up without a penis :)). My skills are enough for building a penis destroying milking machine at most.

So what can be done ? Can you buy something like a penis milking machine ? I saw some "masturbation sleeve" while surfing porn. You know, one of those "Fleshlight" things. I tried it, and it is too much effort. It is just some kind of upgraded jerking off, which is by far not as much fun as the penis milking machine guy is having. If you want that thing anyway, go ahead buy a Fleshlight here (that's the best price i found).

I first thought that this penis milking machine is too expensive, but try looking at the price tag of a professional milking machine, ha! This toy gives you the pleasure of a blowjob and you don't have to use your hands. Well, almost. But it's like holding the chicks head during a blowjob, just close your eyes and imagine. So this practically provides orgasms hands-free! Just lean back and enjoy ;). I really liked this one and i really recommend it. Anyway, here is the link to the cheapest piece i found (let me know if you find it cheaper somewhere else):

If by chance somebody has the opportunity to compare a real penis milking machine and the Cobra Libre, please write me! I'll put your review on this site.